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Installation & Maintainance Manual of Actuated Valve
Operation and Maintainance Manual of Limit Switch
Installation & Maintainance Instruction of I-Tork Solenoid Valve

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Product Catalogue for Pneumatic & Electrical Actuators (ROTEX)
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Our Service

We are in this business of valve automation since 2001. We are responsive to our customers’ needs by providing the right product at the right price and time. The Valve Automation Center can support the needs of a single actuator assembly or those of a complex project, either domestic or international. We have a well equipped facility and responsive service:

Modern 20,000 sq. ft Shop and Offices
In-house Testing capabilities
In-house Design Team
Machine shop in proximity of 5 min
One of the largest actuator and accessory inventory in Pune
Field installation and start-up
Turn-around support
Automation of virtually anyvalve including quarter turn, multi-turn, short stroke linear
      precision type and other.
Wide variety of automation accessories including pneumatic and electro-pneumatic
      positioners, digital positioners, position switches and feedback transmitters,
      filter/regulators, quick exhaust pilots, flow boosters, solenoid piloted valves, lock-up
      valves, volume tank fail safe systems, speed control systems and manual overide gear
      box systems.
One Stop Shopping : A wide spectrum of valves, actuators, accessories & allied services
      are available under one umbrella.

Retrofitting & Valve Automation Projects

We are also experts in retrofitting / automating the existing manually operated valves.

We retrofit any type of valve with electric or pneumatic actuator, be it a gate valve or globe valve or sluice valve or ball valve or a butterfly valve… We have tailor-made solution for everything.

Normally we observe the following procedure / approach for Retrofitment jobs:
Study the site after receipt of invitation / enquiry from client
Decide scope of work (e.g. cables, control panels, PLCs) & actuator specifications /
      operation logic in consultation with client
Submit budgetary offer
Detailed engineering after receipt of order such as sizing & selection of appropriate
      actuator models, design of mounting arrangement & control system, cable laying map,
      labour work-force organizing etc.
Supply of actuator & other accessories as per the scope of supply
Installation & commissioning of total automation system
Final testing & trial to the satisfaction of client

The advantages of Retrofitment / Valves Automation are:
You save your money / investment on buying a new valve (with actuator)
No need to modify the existing pipeline
If the present valve operation is manual, you save on man-power cost
You can take the advantage of the latest available technology in actuation
You can integrate various valves & operate them thru’ a common control system

Terminology used in Actuated Systems:


Pneumatic Actuator An air-operated mechanical device used to open and close or modulate a valve. The actuator, which is mounted to the valve by a bracket and coupled to the stem, is designed to convert air pressure into mechanical force sufficient to operate the valve.

Double-Acting Pneumatic Actuator Any pneumatic actuator which uses air to drive the actuator output shaft in both the open and close direction. The air supply is piped to one side of a piston drive or a diaphragm while the air contained on the opposing side is exhausted.

Spring-Return Pneumatic Actuator Any pneumatic actuator which contains a single coil spring or group of coil springs to oppose the movement of a piston or diaphragm. As air moves the piston or diaphragm the spring is compressed. When the air supply is discontinued and exhausted, the spring extends and drives the piston or diaphragm in the opposite direction. This type of actuator is normally used for applications where it is necessary for the valve to move to the open or close position upon loss of air supply, whether by design or by system failure.

Fail-Open A spring return pneumatic actuator is applied to the valve such that the spring will drive the valve to the open position upon loss of air (may be termed "air-to-close").

Fail-Closed A spring return pneumatic actuator is applied to the valve such that the spring will drive the valve to the close position upon loss of air (may be termed "air-to-open").

Electric Actuator An electro-mechanical device used to open, close or modulate a valve. The actuator operates the valve using an electric motor driving a gear train. While the basic function of the electric actuator is similar to the pneumatic, there are distinct differences in the application and flexibility of the two types, and these differences should be considered to select the proper type.

Electric Fail Safe Actuator Electrically driven actuator that contains an internal spring to close the valve on loss of electricity.





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