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SKF Reliability Systems under CMP offers a comprehensive range of services aimed at improving the reliability of your mechanical assets. This integrates the three vital components of Asset Management such as:

People: Through various types of trainings in SKF as well as at Customer’s premises
Process: Through Maintenance, strategy, formulation & implementation
Technology: Through predictive technologies
Predictive Maintenance Contract
Proactive Reliability Maintenance Contract
Integrated maintenance solutions / Contracts
Asset efficiency Optimisation
Condition Monitoring services
Mechanical Services
Vibration Analysis

About CMP (Certified Maintenance Partner)

We RajDeep as SKF Certified Maintenance Partner offers the below services:

Predictive Maintenance Service-Vibration Analysis,Thermograpy & Oil Analysis, Motor Torque        Signature Analysis, Belt Alignment services, Shaft alignment services
Proactive Reliability Maintenance, Integrated Maintenance Services
Machine Tool Spindle Repairing Services
Bearing Remanufacturing Services (LSB)
Laser Alignment of Belts & Shaft Drive
Mounting & Dismounting of Bearings
Application Engineering
Vendor Management Inventory Systems (Product Bank)
Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA) of damaged Bearing
Self Learning Tools – CD Based
Reliability Maintenance Institute - Maintenance Courses

Maintenance of Compressors

We provide different services under AMC like Inspection plans of compressors, Comprehensive plans for consumables and Total maintenance contract of compressors. A Shock pulse measurement service to identify vibration level and location can also be provided. We undertake up gradation of compressors by replacing oil tanks, control panels with Electronika II controls. We also undertake AMC for Air scanning of compressor rooms to verify the Air quality from time to time.

Air Compressor Servicing-Annual Maintenance Contracts, Screw Element Overhauling and Compressors on Rent.

Products / Services available:

Total Solution Provider right from selection of air compressor to the delivery of compressed - air at the point of application, Equipment Supply & Service
Oil Injected Screw Compressors – 2 kW to 90 kW with optional built-in Air Dryer and stand alone air dryer
100% Oil Free Screw Compressors (Class Zero Certified) – 15 kW to 90 kW
Reciprocating (Piston) Air Compressors – 4 KW to 11 KW
Energy-Saving Variable Speed Drive Compressor (VSD+)
Refrigerant / Desiccant / Heat-of-compression type Air Dryers
Electronic Water Drains (EWD)
Compressed-air Filters (To reduce oil/water/particles content upto 0.003 mg/m3)
Compressed-air Receivers – 500 Ltr to 10,000 Ltr capacity (upto 13 kg/cm2)
Multiple Compressor Control (ES) / Remote Monitoring & Controlling / Integration of Air Compressors with DCS/SCADA, smart box
Compressed Air Audit Package
Compressed-air Energy Saving Proposals
Heat Recovery Systems for Air Compressors (ER)
Nitrogen Plants (N2)
Air compressor rent services
Air Compressor & Air Dryer AMC
Piping Systems for Compressed Air (Aluminium – AirNet)
FRLs, compressed-air line accessories
Aftermarket support and Supply of Air Compressor Spares.

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